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Lotus Effect  
  Lotus plant is a native Asian plant which has the distinct property of having its leaves purity and clean even if it grows in muddy water. The leaves of the lotus plant have the outstanding characteristic of totally repelling water. When you splash the lotus leaf with water, droplets of water on the lotus leaf appears spherical like beads and rolls off the leaf and drags dirt away.
The surface of the lotus leaf always keep cleaning and drying. This is called the Lotus Effect.

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  Analysis of lotus leaves by Scanning Electron Microcopy (SEM) reveal that the leaves surface is composed by hierarchical double structure (micro-nano size). This hierarchical double structure is formed out of a characteristic epidermis and the covering waxes.
  The epidermis of the lotus plant possesses papillae with 10 to 20 µm in height and 10 to 15 µm in width and plenty of nano structure tubules on the surface of papillae. Water droplets interfacing with the leaf are in contact with a large fraction of air. This forces the water to roll off and dirt particles on the leaf surface to picked up by water droplets.